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Burtek Belt Production About Us

Leading Company in the Belt Industry

Our company was established in 2006. Quality services are our priority to customers in Türkiye and abroad. It serves with the mission of offering products, and aims to improve the functioning of the industry on polyurethane and rubber belts. contributes to its development.

Our company, which keeps itself open to development in the sector, started using polyurethane (TPU) in 2016. Seamless belt production and open-ended belt production facilities have been put into operation. With our headquarters building and production factory It continues its activities in a total closed area of ​​4750 m2.

In addition, Gates® brand industrial rubber belts, which is a leader in its field in the world, are produced in Türkiye. TPU, which is the distributor and produced under the brand name Megabelt ®, which is our own patented brand. It sells belts and imported rubber timing belts.

Our company, which keeps its product range wide, also produces coated belts that require special processing. was founded Since the first day, it has been renewing its processing technology every day and has been making it in-house.

With its technological production infrastructure and wide product range, Burtek Kayış machine belts production Inc. It offers its products to various sectors in domestic and international markets.